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“The baby Pomeranian I got from Cindy Ferraro at No Limits Poms is very small, very sweet and just what I'd imagined. Having talked with Cindy, I am consistently impressed by her dedication and knowledge to the Pomeranian breed. My little boy teddy bear is now my best friend. Cindy even socialized him to riding in the car & since I travel alot> this is perfect! My husband is a trucker & he wants a Pomeranian as a "travelling companion" too! So, we will definetely contact Cindy at No Limits Poms for our new Pomeranian addition. Thank you, again!” Jeanne K.

 “In this day and age, it’s hard to find a breeder you can trust. No Limits Poms was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality & size & temperment of the Pomeranian puppy I received was outstanding. My little Pomeranian puppy baby girl is just what I expected. She's made a perfect companion & pet addition to our home. I have recommended No Limits Poms to anyone who sees my sweet "Delilah”. Cindy knows her breed & I like that she is a small hobby breeder. My sweet little Pom came very well socialized. Keep up the good work!" Tina   

 "My daughter always wanted a Pomeranian. We checked out several breeders, even the pound & rescues but in the end we decided on one of No Limits Poms. We wanted to get a Pom pet that we knew would have not only great temperment & small size & great "looks'. We settled on a small black male ( even though we were looking for a lighter female). Our new puppy is full of personality & his shy, sweet personality won us over. He seemed to pick us & we gladly took him home. He was previously crate & paper trained; so we had no problems there. Thanks to Cindy & her love of Poms, we now are truly "addicted" to this breed. My friend got a Pomeranian from her 3 years ago & recommended Cindy at No Limits Poms. We sure are glad she did! !"

-Joy & Jason

"I had been searching for close to a year for Pomeranian puppy and a reliable breeder. The puppies were abundant but reliable breeders were not. Cindy is AMAZING. She's friendly and easy to work with and all of her puppies were adorable, well bred, and (most importantly) healthy. I took my puppy to the vet within a few days of purchase and was told that she is "a perfect specimen of what a Pomeranian puppy should be." All of her puppies are well socialized too. I bought my precious little puppy and she immediately took to me and made herself at home in my house. Also, she's yet to meet a stranger she didn't like. I can't imagine my life without her. If you're looking for a quality dog that will make a loving companion, I'd HIGHLY recommend buying from Cindy.Thanks again for everything, Cindy." Erin

" We cannot express how happy we are with our sweet Pomeranian from Cindy! This Pom puppy met all our expectations in size & personalty. Our Pom was a surprise for Christmas & the entire family is truly in love with our new Pom puppy! Cindy sure knows her breed & this pup was socialized & 3/4 potty trained. Our vet said "one of the finest examples of a Pomeranian & very healthy". We will be spaying our Pom soon & have referred many to Cindy for them to get a Pom puppy from her. We may even try to add another Pomeranian puppy from Cindy soon to our family." ....Sandra & family

"I got my precious puppies, Lola and Layla, from Cindy at No Limits Poms. I could tell right away that they were both well socialized. They are the sweetest most loving dogs, and smart too! They both were pretty easy to potty train, and they just love to be held and petted. I recommend Cindy's Pomeranians to anyone looking for a pom to love for life. You won't be disappointed." A.W.      

With the world being crazy with the pandemic plus all the stress from it,  we found the perfect solution  to de stress by adding a new "family member"/Pom pet to our home!

Cindy is probably one of the best Pomeranian breeders I have come across. Her knowledge  and love of this breed is apparent. So we decided to get a baby Pom from her & boy we were glad we did! Our little Ceasar has been the best decision we made! He has brought nothing but love, companionship & entertainment into our home!  In these trying times,  Thanks again, Cindy :)    from: M.K in Florida

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